5 great fire pits to buy this autumn

Although it really hasn’t felt like it over the past few weeks, autumn is now setting in over the UK. The lovely warm afternoons are giving way to chillier nights. While we’ve been promised “Giant spiders invading our homes” no-one has said they’d be invading our patios! So now is a good time to extend the time we spend outdoors! In all seriousness though, being able to spend more time on our patios and back gardens is always welcome and the ability to extend the warm afternoons way into the evening has been made all the more simpler with the availability of some truly great fire pits on the market.

The great thing about a fire pit is, not only does it allow you to spend more time outside with your neighbours, friends and family, if you’re feeling peckish you can use them to cook up some nice nibbles – fuelling warmth on the inside as well as out!

Here we list 5 of the best fire pits we know of. These have all been rated highly and so we’re passing the suggestions of the buying british public on to you.

So, in no particular order:


With a distinctive contemporary design that makes a focal point in any garden or patio, The Martinique firepit is great for providing warmth when entertaining family or friends, and can even be used as a charcoal bbq
It’s versatility allows you to burn wood or charcoal


£34.99 £28.98

This beautiful compact charcoal fire pit can be folded away and stored easily in your shed or garage. Made from Porcelain enamel coated metal, it lends a striking and stylish finish to many patio and comes with a mesh cover to minimise sparks. It’s also on sale at present so get in there quick before they sell out!



The Urban 880 Fire Pit is a simple and stylish dual purpose fire pit and bbq. Use coal or wood with this patio favourite. It comes with a safety fire guard and cooking grill.



This sturdy firepit is suitable for any size of patio and makes a great addition to any garden. It features a wrought iron base complete with guard rail around the outside, a black enamelled steel bowl and also a one piece fire guard. This is a really nice quality fire pit at an attractive price. The fire guard can be kept closed to keep in any spitting logs, or not at all, its your choice. Also with the firepit there is a poker/hook which can not only be used to stoke the fire but can also be used to remove, the fire guard when it is hot. All in all a worthwhile addition to any patio, to keep you warm on those fresh evenings. 65cm dia x 30cm high with 55cm diameter bowl


£89.99 £84.99


This outdoor garden fire pit is newly released! Made from steel with a lovely finish, It’s ideal for cool evenings, providing cozy warmth and light which makes a beautiful, captivating, comfortable atmosphere. This Fire pit comes with its own cover and poker to keep the embers stoked!






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